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Latest Farm News




Dundee Farm's Studs

Standing at Alpaca Palace

Summer and Fall 2016


Zamboni, The Lad, Piper, and The Rock will be standing at Alpaca Palace in Butler, Pennsylvania, this summer and into the fall.  Alpaca Palace is one of the premier alpaca farms on the east coast and features Houdini among other stellar studs on their farm.  You may have seen that they are hosting a new auction in Pennsylvania this October.


We are pleased to be working with Alpaca Palace to bring new genetics to the their farm and the east.  Dundee Farm created its stud program to introduce rare and proven males for farms wishing to broaden their genetic spectrum and introduce hybrid vigor to their seed stock. 


All of Dundee Farm's males have proven themselves in the show ring and through their progeny.  They have multiple Champion and Reserve banners and so do their progeny. Beyond the show winnings, these studs are producing healthy, large-boned alpacas with correct conformation and stunning fleeces.


Examples of fleece histograms include:

  • The Lad's Soldier of FLR (5 yrs): AFD 16.0,SD 3.6, CV 22.7, > 30 0.5
  • MMC Matrix Sahara by Zamboni (3 yrs.)  AFD 17.6,  SD 3.0, CV 16.9, >30 0.7
  • Dusty's Sir Tristan (Piper)  (1 yr.): AFD 16.0, SD 3.7, CV 22.8, >30 1.1


While we miss our boys in Dundee's pastures, we are thrilled that they have the opportunity provided by Alpaca Palace. We have the utmost confidence in their herd and health management program. The Dundee studs give eastern breeders the opportunity to add new and proven genetics to their herds.






Sara Jane Judges in Melbourne



Sara Jane judged the 2015 Royal Melbourne Alpaca Show in Australia along with Judge Jenny Jackson.  Sara Jane was impressed with the show, its organizers, and the caliber of alpacas that came into the ring.


Hugh and Sara Jane then explored Melbourne, Sidney, and Tasmania as well as visited Canchones and Wyndhym Hill Alpaca farms.  Hugh caught up with some school friends and his cousin Rosa and family.


Canchones Alpacas, Peter Kennedy and Robert Ganes' farm was particularly impressive and they were fine hosts.  We got to stay in Shirley Grant's home and explore the hundreds of acres of the farm that has 450 alpacas. With no predators about, the alpacas can have much more freedom than they do in America.




Canchones Alpacas northeast of Melbourne





The east coast of Tasmania



Hugh doing his best Charlie Chaplin imitation.



We had a fine time and loved Australia... the land and the people were a joy.  We hope to go back someday for a longer visit and to explore a bit more.


Sara Jane would like to thank the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria for asking her to judge their show.


Dundee's Stud Farm


Dundee Farm is now strictly a stud farm. In 2012, after 15 years of breeding seed stock, producing exceptional crias who went on to garner top prizes and championships, we sold our females and crias to exceptional farms and now concentrate on our studs, judging, evaluating herds, alpaca selection, and conducting seminars.  (See the alpaca male page for more details.)


We have 4 studs from Dundee Farm's production and 2 more from other successful programs that we own in partnership with Chimera Ranch. This has been an interesting venture in that we can only be successful if our clients are successful with the crias they get from our program.


Our clients have received top honors in their show ring classes with some going on to become champions.  Here are our boys.




Dundee's The Lad

Zamboni of Artic Ice

Dundee's The Rock of Adrenalin









Ricky comes to Colorado

July 2015


In search of the next great stud for our program, we partnered with Chimera Ranch and went in search of a promising young male of exceptional quality. 


After much searching, we chose Alpaca Palace's King Richard at the tender age of 8 months.  It will be a while until we are certain, but we are excited by what we see so far.  His conformation and fleece are outstanding and he fits with the goal of introducing new bloodlines of rare and proven genetics to the west.  Stay tuned.






Ricky's Fleece





Julian's 4th Birthday Party

May 2015


Wagon rides were a big hit.



Four time White Male Color Champion,




























Sara Jane and Australian Judge Jenny Jackson



Sara Jane giving oral reasons for the alpacas' placements





















Alpaca Palace's King Richard aka Ricky

our latest acquisition in partnership with Chimera Ranch






Dundee's Highland Piper by Augusto





Snowmass Golden Sentry

in partnership with Chimera Ranch













Ricky at 8 months








The boys stick together as visitors come out to see them.








Zamboni - The Elite White Male

Zamboni took his first Championship at 8 months of age at a large show amidst the stiff competition found in white male classes.  His second championship came when he was 18 months.

At TxOLAN's 2011 show, Zamboni took his third White Male Color Championship!  In a competitive class and competitive group (When the whites come out - let the wars begin!), Zamboni won over very impressive males.   He then went on to win more awards and another Color Championship, making a total of four.  He is now retired from the show ring and is producing exceptional crias.


Zamboni's crias are old enough to be in the show ring and they are landing at the top of their classes - some have become champions.  Check out the Alpaca Male page for more details.



Zamboni's 4th fleece:  so bright it is hard to photograph.

The fleece is very long with consistent crimp from skin to tip.

Zamboni is retaining his fineness and is exceptonally dense.







Jenny May at 3 weeks  (owned by Sweet Songs Alpacas)



Patty Mac

The Rock






Dundee Farm has a standing herd of approximately 20 alpacas, depending on birthing, sales, and life events.  We are small.  Therefore, every alpaca must be carefully selected, thoughtfully bred, and contribute to improving the herd. 

We have made some strategic purchases and breeding decisions that have led to success. 

We define success as breeding BETTER alpacas, not just more.

Because we are a small farm, we do not pick our show string from the hundreds of alpacas we own. Some years our show string consists of all of our show aged alpacas.  Sometimes, we have alpacas who are not show animals because they may have a physical injury or problem, not have a temperament that works well in a show situation, or they are production girls.  Not all boys are meant to be studs, and so they are gelded.

This year we had a very successful show season culminating in December at a new show in Amarillo.  We took six alpacas of our own and two (Jenny May and Tenacity) that we had bred and are now owned by Sweet Songs alpacas.  Here are the results.

Dundee's Jaguar Jaxon, Black

                   First and Male Black Color Champion

Dundee's Jenny May Jaxon, Black

                     First and Female Black Color Champion

Dundee's Highland Piper of Augusto, Fawn

                     First and Male Fawn Color Champion

Zamboni of Artic Ice, White

                     First and Male White Color Champion

Dundee's Rosemary of Adrenalin, Fawn


Dundee's Patty Mac of Adrenalin, Light


Dundee's Tenacity, Fawn


Dundee's The Rock of Adrenalin, Fawn


It is a privilege to have these alpacas as part of Dundee Farm's breeding program.

















Tenacity (owned by Sweet Songs Alpacas)


Zamboni as a yearling - Fleece below




Zamboni is the son of our Canadian girl Aztec D'Anna, whom we bought at the Canadian Futurity from Aztec Alpacas.  We have waited a long time to have a dam like D'Anna and her breeding to S.Accoyo Artic Ice made her even more desirable. (See D'Anna below with Zamboni at 3 days old)

Zamboni's siblings from Artic Ice were in three different classes at the 2008 Canadian Futurity and took first in all three. One was a full sibling, Aztec Arctic Impact, and his 1/2 sibling Aztec Inukshuk, took Grand Champion in the whites.  In 2009, Artic Ice was the highest winning male.

Zamboni's fleece is extraordinarily soft, crimpy, and bright.  His curls go right into his belly, up to his head, and down to his toes.  In this photo above, he is only three weeks old and already his presence is felt.  He has dense bones, a solid frame, and a beautiful head.  

Now, after winning a White Color Championship at 9 months of age against very impressive competition, Zamboni has grown into a stunning young male and will join our other herdsire's The Lad, Axtion Jaxon, and Adrenalin the spring of 2010.  We will breed him to both white and color - can't wait to see the results!





Sara Jane with Axtion Jaxon at his last Great Western Alpaca Show where he placed first.  AJ has never disappointed us.  All his cria are black or brown.  Many have gone on to become champions and first place winners. He is a four time Reserve Champion and a winner of the Get of Sire - rare for a true black.


While we no longer own him, his genetics are still in our stud program through Dundee's Highland Piper by Augusto.



In 2005, Sara Jane received her certification to be an AOBA Judge qualified in all four areas: Huacaya halter, Suri halter, Fleece, and Performance.  Since then, she has judged over 100 shows across the U.S. and Canada, including several assignments at the National AOA show and at the Royal Melbourne Alpaca show in Australia. Sara Jane became a halter judge trainer in 2011.

Sara Jane enjoys using the opportunities in both the fleece room and the show ring to educate breeders and help them improve their breeding programs.  She is committed to giving clear oral reasons for her placements and attends AOA Judging clinics regularly.


Sara Jane conducts multiple seminars, does herd evaluation and goal setting, and is a national speaker at alpaca events.







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