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Our Story




Our Story

It’s simple, really. We wanted a change.

We had been living in the middle of Denver leading busy and somewhat disjointed lives. The all-too-common mix of conflicting work schedules, a feeling that there are other interesting ways to live, and the fact that life can be pretty short, led us to look for a new adventure.

We were looking for a different life that gave us more time together and allowed us to build a place that would be both beautiful and practical. We wanted to live in the country, surrounded by beauty and nature.

We found alpacas and in 1997 purchased our first girls and the land that was to become Dundee Farm. We agisted our growing herd with friends until breaking ground on our home in the fall of 2000.We built the house, barn, and put up fences. We moved on to the farm in the summer of 2001.

In 2005, Sara Jane became an AOBA Certified Alpaca Judge traveling across the United States, Canada and even Australia.  She has evaluated thousands of alpacas and their fleeces.  This is invaluable to our own herd improvement and success.  After producing many champions and exceptional seed stock, we sold our females in 2012 and now have a stud farm.

Today Dundee Farm is just what we had hoped and we continue improving it every year. Our alpaca venture has led us to new friendships, an active outdoor life, and a business success.

So here we are...all the way from England and Boston living a life that’s like nothing we had ever known. We are having a fine time out here in Sedalia.  Stop by - we love having visitors.


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