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Our Story




Our Philosophy

At Dundee Farm, we believe in the long-term vision of the Alpaca industry. The health, safety, and care of our alpacas always come first. We breed to improve the quality of the North American herd and work toward promoting both the animals and their fiber. Here you will find fair pricing, fabulous alpacas, and exceptional care for both our two-legged and four-legged clients.

We started our farm with a solid base of well-known bloodlines. From this base, we breed very selectively to improve our stock and add color. We raise our herd with a set of principles that make it right for our alpacas and the alpaca industry:

  • We are committed to raising healthy, quality animals who are kindly treated and well-cared for
  • We have selectively chosen studs with vivid color, soft fleece, and correct conformation – all have been proven in the show ring and their progeny. 
  • We aggressively seek diverse bloodlines
  • We breed for color-rich, quality alpacas
  • We want our customers to be successful and we offer experienced advice and counsel.
  • We contribute continuously our knowledge, time, and resources to the advancement of the alpaca industry
  • We support Colorado State University Veterinary College through providing scholarships and working with the Alpaca Breeders’ of the Rockies scholarship committee that is focused on camelid medicine, donations to camelid research, and supporting our veterinarians.
  • We promote and sell alpaca fiber products as an integral part of our business
  • Every sale is made with the customer’s success in mind

Everybody loves their own animals. To confirm our opinions of our own program, we test our alpacas in the show ring, and the judges have awarded us over and over again. We have won many ribbons including numerous first and second places in halter, best born and bred, color champions, and reserve color champions with animals bred and raised as part of our program. We have not only bred champion alpacas, but also won for their fleeces in some of the toughest competitions in the country. “Stylish young alpaca,” “The best conformed alpaca in the ring so far today” and “incredibly soft fleece with crimp right out to the tip” are some of the judges’ comments.

Sara Jane became an AOBA Judge in January 2005 and is judging alpaca shows across the country and in Canada.  The training was invaluable to us as breeders and Sara Jane enjoys contribuiting to the alpaca industry. This is a benefit to our customers because Sara Jane can give a fair and honest assessment of each animal’s qualities that helps to take out the guess work, especially for new owners.

We have full farm guarantees on all of our alpacas. And, because of our experience with the alpacas and building our own farm, we can help with decisions that will affect you and your alpacas every day. At Dundee Farm, we are committed to fair business practices and helping you make the right decisions for your program.

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