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Above:  Zamboni - A Champion at 8 months


Right: Dundee's thriving, healthy herd

              The Rock at 3 days old


Below: The Lad - A Champion at 11 months

              Piper:  Pure joy in solid fawn




Dundee Farm's Studs

Dundee Farm is now strictly a stud farm.  We own six studs.  Two of these we own in partnership with our friends Norm and Sandra Johnson of Chimera Ranch.  In addition, we have strategic partnerships with several other farms and can offer breedings to their males as part of a breeding package. We offer attractive savings with our breeding packages.

Sara Jane has been an AOA judge since 2005 and has judged shows across the United States and Canada as well as Australia.  She has provided herd evaluation services for many farms.  Sara Jane has examined thousands of alpacas.  Based on the breadth and depth of this experience, we can help match the qualities of your females, with our males to produce better crias. If we don't have a good match, we might know of a male that is, and will be glad to provide you with some suggestions.   In today's market place it is imperative to produce better crias, not just more.


The alpacas in Dundee's Stud Program were carefully selected from our own 15 year breeding program. We also added two studs with exemplary genetics. Our guiding principle tells the story.


        Every Breeding

         Every Alpaca

          Every Choice

               is Made

  With Excellence in Mind,

              Every Time.




The Importance of Genetic Diversity


We are proud of our multiple-championed studs and what they have proven they can produce. Their genetics tell the story. To produce them, we carefully selected pairings to create rare bloodlines that were proven, combined with well-known quality genetics. 


Our purpose in doing this was to produce excellent crias that could be used as outcrosses for forward-thinking breeding farms.  So many farms now find themselves boxed in with the same genetics throughout their herd.  Further, they have the same genetic stock as many other farms have. 


Continuing to breed in this manner has two effects.  First, closely bred alpacas can often exhibit poor hybrid vigor and do not thrive. Ask your vet.  Those we have spoken to are reporting many instances of small crias that fail to thrive.  Some even crash and die at about 6 months - a heartbreak as well as a financial hit. A broader genetic spectrum contributes significantly to healthy alpacas from birth and into adulthood.



Second, continuing to breed the same genetics within any breeding program does not produce diversersity and it becomes difficult to package a group of alpacas for sale.  It also does not make your "product" that different from many other breeder's. 


This combination of proven rare and well-known genetics in our studs has resulted in our customers making significant advancements in their programs.  They have done well in the show ring with several placing at the top of their class with some bringing home the championships. They are starting to see the next generation emerge, and they are not disappointed. 




The infusion of genetic diversity is imperative for the future of our industry and breeding success.












Below:  Zamboni and Chattahoochee,

his first cria who became a 2x champion





Zamboni of Artic Ice   White

DOB June 12, 2008       ARI  1324594


Dam: Aztec D'Anna

Sire: S. Accoyo Artic Ice

While we are well-known for our true black and colored alpacas, we thought that adding a superb white would round out our program.  We looked and looked and finally found Aztec D'Anna from the MacLeod's Aztec Alpacas in Canada. She had the right pedigree and was the daughter of Snappy, their premiere dam.  D'Anna was also bred to S. Accoyo Artic Ice - their exclusive new male (from Snowmass Alpacas) that is now a herdsire in Europe.  We thought "Perfect"!   We bought D'Anna at the Canadian Futurity where she was the top selling alpaca.  During that same weekend, Artic Ice's crias took first place in three white classes and then the Grand Championship.


D'Anna stayed in Canada while we waited for her to birth, hoping for a boy. In late June 2008, D'Anna arrived in the U.S.A. with her three week old son, Zamboni.  WOW!  Soooo bright and crimpy!  Sooooooooooo soft and fine and consistent... and even as a youngster, the strong conformation and dense bone was obvious.  His curly fine fleece went all the way down his back legs, into his tail, up to his topknot and deep into his belly.  Trying not to be "barn blind" and knowing how tough you have to be when picking a white male as a potential herdsire, we held our breath.     



Then, as the youngest among 47 males, Zamboni took White Male Color Champion at MOPACA, a Level IV show (Judge Sharon Loner), amidst very tough competition with pedigrees from Augusto, Legacy, Caligula, Invincible, Archangel, El Nino, Barnabus, Bueno, Hemingway, Elite,  - on and on - some of the best in the business.  We were VERY excited.


Meanwhile, Zamboni's sire, Snowmass Accoyo Artic Ice, was the TOP WINNING Herdsire for Canada's Futurity for both 2008 and 2009 with his crias being the Grand Champions in both years.  In addition 12 of his crias were winners.  This is a macho whose rare bloodlines are a great infusion into the US market through Zamboni. 

Zamboini's grace and style continue to impress visitors to Dundee Farm.  His genetics are rare and proven - fitting into our criteria for herdsires. CLICK HERE FOR HIS REGISTRATION.

Zamboni went on to win top awards and 3 more championships in competition with sons of Legacy, Golden Legend, Xanadu's Resolute, Snowmass Porteus, Accoyo Endurance, Elite, Shifting Gears, El Nino, and Snowmass XXXtreme - all very worthy males. 

Customers love their strong, healthy Zamboni crias. They are placing well in the show ring and he has produced several champions.


Zamboni is holding his fineness and it was that characteristic combined with his powerful conformation that took him to the top.  Looks like we hit the Jackpot with Zamboni!


If all this lights you up, give us a call.



  • Long, Fine, Dense Fleece - Highly organized
  • Crimp, Crimp, Crimp
  • 14 lbs of fleece on his 2nd shearing
  • Strong frame, big bones, broad chest
  • Perfectly balanced with structural integrity
  • Calm, easy-going nature

Breeding Fee:  $2,000




 Zamboni Micron Reports


1 YEAR:       AFD: 18.6         SD: 4.5             CV: 24            >30: 2%

2 YEARS:     AFD: 19.8         SD: 4.5             CV: 19            >30: 2%

3 YEARS:     AFD: 19.7         SD: 4.7             CV: 22            >30:  4%

4 YEARS:     AFD: 20.0         SD: 4.0             CV: 20            >30: 2.8%





Zamboni cria:  Sahara and Zoe






































































Dundee's The Lad   True Black

DOB October 13, 2005       ARI  1324624

Dam: Dundee's Arabesque  (Chinchero line)  True Black

Sire:    Othello (Camillio line) True Black


The Lad will catch your eye in a heartbeat. He has "The Look" that everyone wants.  He is compact in stature with excellent balance and large bone circumference.  His fleece is inky black, shiny, soft, and at 8 years old only 20.2 microns - up from his first micron at 18.7 - now that is lasting fineness. He is dense, covered from head to toe to tail with curly fiber, and has extreme coverage on his remarkable head.  His classic square bodied conformation turns heads wherever he goes. 


The Lad is out of 2 blacks, which is important to his ability to reliably pass on dark color even when bred to white.  His dam is our true black Arabesque - a Chinchero (black) daughter and four time champion. Absolutely one of the best dams we ever produced. His sire, Othello, is a well-known producer of champions whose sire is Camillio, a star from the Accoyo Americaca herd. Othello produced many champions and we believe we got one of the best.  CLICK HERE FOR HIS REGISTATION.


This pairing produced The Lad. who embodies the conformation and fineness combined with rare and well-known  genetics that are Dundee Farm's stock and trade. From the moment he was born, we knew he was a winner.


Consider this picture on the right.  Here, The Lad is 8 years old carrying a 20 micron fleece with standard deviation of 4.6.  Many crias are not as soft and consistent.  And, he still looks stunning, shows no signs of slowing down, is leader of the herd, and as gentle as they come.  He is strong, healthy, and a joy to be around.


The Lad was chosen twice for the National AOA stud auction and his bids brought in over four thousand dollars for the organization. 


The Lad's crias are mostly black and fine, like him.  There are some browns and one silver grey from a rose grey dam.  They are healthy, vigorous crias who have placed well in the show ring including several 1st place and champion winnings. Their micron tests are coming in from 14 to 18 the first year and increasing very little as they age.

The Lad now has grand crias who are carrying on the tradition of high quality in dark crias.  Our customers love their Lad crias and many are coming back for more.



  • Consistent, dense, true black fleece with lasting fineness
  • Strong frame, big bones, commpact and well-balanced
  • Produces dark colors consistently
  • Calm, easy-going nature


Breeding Fee: $2,000


The Lad's Micron Reports

2nd Year:   AFD:  18.7    SD: 4.3    CV:   23.0%   >30:  1.9%

8th  Year   AFD:  20.2    SD: 4.6    CV:   22.8%   >30:  3.1%



Flatland's The Lad's Soldier                     Annie's Farm's Harris                         

         3 time Champion                                         1st Place Nationals                         

             Spitting image                                                1st Place GWAS                                          



































Above:  Piper as a yearling

Below:  Piper at 5 years

Right: Piper as a cria

and in full fleece

































Dundee's Highland Piper of Augusto   Dark Fawn

DOB  September 1, 2008       ARI   31220774

Dam: Dundee's Jacquelin Jaxon   (Axtion Jaxon and Chinchero lines)  True Black

Sire: PPPeruvian Augusto (Full Accoyo import)  White



Piper is a SOLID dark fawn - no gradation from spine to belly, no variation within the fleece.  This is very unusual.  Add to that the fact that his fleece is remarkabley soft, fine, dense, and carrying that tiny crimp from tip to skin and you can see why we are excited about this boy. His fiber statistics confirm what we feel in his fleece.  He is VERY uniform and VERY fine.


All this is great news. With his strong black background, he should pair well with blacks and browns to give them finer, denser, and more consistent fleece.  His mix of Alianza and Accoyo bloodlines bode well for long-lasting fineness combined with density.


Piper's sire needs no introduction. Augusto was one of the best full Accoyo males in the world and produced many show ring winners and incredible crias.  Born in 1993, Augusto was one of Don Julio's finest exports and had not been available for outside breedings for years when we got a breeding for Jackie, Piper's dam.  Augusto has since deceased, thus ending his impressive breeding career.  Piper is one of his last and rare colored crias. Carrying this much color makes him one of a kind.  CLICK HERE FOR PIPER'S REGISTRATION


Jackie, Piper's dam, is the daughter of Arabesque, our four time true black champion Chinchero daughter.  Jackie is a solid black, well conformed Axtion Jaxon (our true black 4x champion) daughter who won several blue ribbons herself.  So - the genetics and COLOR are there. Once again, we have a champion male with both rare and well-known genetic lines that have that magical mixture of Alianza and Accoyo imports.


Piper is medium sized with large bones and a masculine head. He has correct conformation, including bite, and is well-balanced.  His size and structure make him an ideal candidate for producing crias that are "squared-up" - one of the conformational traits we are breeding for.  Well conformed alpacas simply last longer and tend not todevelop arthritis and other issues associated with being out of balance.


Piper took several top ribbons during his limited showing career. (Piper hated the show ring, so we only took him a few times.) He placed 1st at a level IV show where he was pronounced, "...by far the finest in the class." When he won his championship, we retired him from the show ring, much to his relief.


We purposely bred to get a male just like Piper who can bring darker girls up several notches in fleece characteristics, hopefully without sacrificing color. He has had four cria to date, all fawn and one white.  One of his fawn crias took a first place at GWAS, the largest show in the nation.


  • Consistent, dense, solid dark fawn fleece with lasting fineness
  • Extremely bright fleece with zipper crimp style
  • Strong frame, big bones, and well-balanced
  • Calm, easy-going nature



Breeding Fee:  $1,750


Piper's Micron Reports


1st Year:  AFD:  16.6  SD: 3.3  CV:   20.0%   >30: 0.9%

4th  Year  AFD: 18.0  SD: 3.6  CV:  20.0%   >30: 1.6%















Dundee's The Rock of Adrenalin Medium Fawn

DOB  October 18, 2009      ARI  31220897

Dam: JFS Pandemonium (Accoyo/Alianza, and Kenamari ancestry by 3/4 Canadian by Pepan0)

Sire: PPPeruvian Augusto (Full Accoyo import)  White



The Rock is just that....Rock Solid. It was an obvious name for him from the day he was born.  Even at a few days old, he was squarely built, large-boned, and covered in long, curly fleece. Cold weather and snow on his third day did not stop him and he was so active that he did not require a cria blanket.


The Rock is a full Peruvian from Accoyo, Alianza, and Kenamari ancestry.  Only two males were brought in from the Kenamari region (where they guard their genetics fiercely) in the 1996 importation.  Both were picked out by Cameron Holt, one of the world's leading authorities on alpaca fleece. One of these males, Ivano, is The Rock's maternal grandsire.



Combine this background with genetics from some of the best males in the United States, and you begin to understand The Rock's genetic value The Rock brings:  Victor, Victor's Vaccoyo, Vengador, and Drambui to contribute to this fusion.  The Rock's combination of rare and well-known genetics fits right in with our committment to genetic diversity and outcross breeding.


Like his sire and grandsires, The Rock carries a dense, long, fine fleece.  He sheared over 12 lbs at his.second shearing. During shearing, his fleece expands as it is taken off of his body...he is that dense. 



Take a good look at The Rock's solid frame - pure conformational integrity. He moves gracefully, has large bone circumference, a capacious body and impeccable style. With so many narrow alpacas showing up, the Rock is a good antidote.  Narrow dams present breeding problems -no question. And breeding problems can lead to difficulty not only with delivery, but also with hybrid vigor.


Clients report that their Rock crias are born with the same long curly fleece The Rock has.  And,that they are strong and active from birth, just like him.  We expect more reports like this and can't wait until his crias hit the show ring.




  • Consistent, dense, soft fawn fleece
  • Long fiber and high shearing yield
  • Strong frame, big bones, and well-balanced
  • Broad chested with a capacious body


Breeding Fee:  $1,750



The Rock's Micron Reports


1st  Year:   AFD: 18.8    SD: 3.5    CV:  18.7%   >30: 1.0%

2nd Year   AFD: 18.2    SD: 3.6    CV:  19.6%   >30: 0.8%

4th  Year   AFD: 20.3    SD: 4.3    CV:  21.3%   >30: 1.4%



















Snowmass Golden Sentry  Light Brown    REGISTRATION

Co-owned with Norm and Sandra Johnson, Chimera Ranch


DOB:  June 20, 2007      ARI  30339170

Dam: Snowmass Bit of Honey

Sire: Snowmass Royal Challenger



We first got the chance to know Sentry when he stood stud at our farm in 2011.  He bred two of our females.  One cria, Sable - a bay black, is owned by Chimera Ranch and has won blues and championships during her show career.  The other, Tia Maria, a true black was first owned by Snow Diamond, but then was picked out for an elite herd in Austria.  When the chance to co-own Sentry with our friends Norm and Sandra Johnson came up, we jumped at the opportunity.


Since Sentry has been here in Colorado, he has continued to produce outstanding crias.  From white to black, they have his squared up frame, soft and dense fleece, and proud presence. 


Sentry's genetics are a who's who out of the Snowmass breeding program.  Hemmingway, Snowmass Royal Rose, Snowmass Challenger, Chaccu, Snowmaster, and many more grace his deep genetic history.  He has well-known ancestors, but they include color and are therefore more rare.  Sentry's pedigree speaks volumes about high quality in living color.  His progeny do not disappoint.


We did not own Sentry when he was young, so we have no show record for him.  His cria, however, are doing very well in the show ring.  They have placed at the top of their classes and some have gone on to become champions.  We look forward to more of the same.


Breeding Fee: $2,000



  • Dense, zipper crimped, light brown fawn fleece
  • Extremely consistent and holding fineness
  • Strong frame, big bones, and well-balanced


Sentry's Micron Reports


1st  Year:   AFD: 15.1    SD: 3.3     CV:  22.0%   >30: 0.6%

3rd Year   AFD: 19.8    SD:  4.5    CV:  22.7%   >30: 2.5%

Sentry's 3rd, 4th  and 5th year fleeces were sorted to Grade 1




Sentry Crias




















Above and Right: Ricky at 6 months

Below: Ricky's cria fleece




Alpaca Palace's King Richard white    REGISTRATION

Co-owned with Norm and Sandra Johnson of Chimera Ranch


DOB  August 28, 2014     ARI  903531

Dam: Sunset Hill's Divinity's Diva

Sire: Accoyo America Troubadour


We decided to add another male with bloodlines not common to the west. We talked with our partners Norm and Sandra Johnson about purchasing a young male with potential. Then Sara Jane went hunting. 


After looking on several farms with many, many good choices, we hit the motherlode when we found Ricky at Alpaca Palace.  He was only six months old, but the potential was obvious.  Both his fleece and frame put him at the top of our list.  Then, in carefully examining his genetics, we were convinced he was the right one for our breeding programs.


As he grows we will continue to evaluate him, but all signs are good.  Consider these fleece statistics from his first shearing.


Mid-side sample: AFD:  13.9,  SD:  4.2

Neck sample:         AFD:  15.3,  SD:  3.9

Leg sample:            AFD:  16.6,  SD:  4.4


This is his first shearing and we know we need to wait for the next one to see what we really have....but this is clearly a good start.  As his fleece is growing in, it is looking even better than his cria fleece:  more organized, still very fine, extremely dense.  So we are very hopeful that Ricky will take a place in our breeding programs.


Part of his appeal is that his genetics are rare in the west.  That fits in with our goal of providing proven but rare genetics for out-crossing to create hybrid vigor.  Among his ancestors are AOA champion Accoyo Troubador, CCNF Archangel,  Accoyo Elite, 13x champion Sunset Hills Citation, Reserve AOA champion Accoyo America North Star....and the list goes on.  We have high hopes for this youngster. He is just beginning to get a growth spurt, no doublt brought on by the Colorado sunshine.  Check in with us and we will let you know how he is doing.










Axtion Jaxon - Piper's grand sire







Reference Sires


Artic Ice: Zamboni's sire

Augusto: right,  Piper's sire

Bottom:  Adrenalin, The Rock's sire



































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